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Tremblant 2019: What happened?

When I exited the finisher’s recovery area, the first question Christine had for me (after asking if I was alright) was “are you disappointed?” I had just finished my first competitive full-distance Ironman, dropping nearly 3 hours off my last attempt at this distance, six years ago, with a 10:06 finishing time. 15th in my … Continued

The resurgence of the personal blog

The list of sites I follow in Feedly has long ago shifted from personal blogs to larger, specialized news websites. The personal blogs have disappeared for the same reason this one did. Why would anyone want to share personal information this way, when social media is easier to use, more specific, more widely-used, and has a … Continued

On Picking a Side of the Political Spectrum

What’s left, right or centre? In the last post I started using the political terms left, right, and centre to describe the mayoral candidates’ positions. It’s really hard to escape using these terms. They represent a deep core philosophical belief—not just for candidates—but as a way to describe our own beliefs too. I hate to … Continued

The Good and the Not-So-Good—the Competition

The last few days have been a bit of a crash course in politics for me. I had no idea how many interesting characters would actually be in the running for mayor. I honestly thought I would be the fringiest (is that even a word?) character running, but as it turns out I’m actually pretty … Continued

Day one of my mayoral campaign

Registering as a candidate I’m not sure what I was expecting when I walked into the elections office on the way to work yesterday morning. I half expected to find a lineup of hopeful registrants vying for one of the dozens of available positions available. Perhaps there would be a member of the media or … Continued

Geodee for Mayor of Toronto. No, seriously

This should probably be a well thought-out post about my platform and why I’m running for mayor of Toronto. Perhaps I’ll get into more detail about that later though. This is a blog, so everything will unfold as it happens. Here are just a few thoughts and a bit of an outline of why I’m … Continued

Ironman Cozumel 2012 Race Report

Sea ouchies, jellyfish, crazy currents, language barriers, drafting penalties, melting tires, sodium lessons, heatstroke, fights with moustache, bags of ice, and deals made with moustache. All this to finish an hour and a half faster than my last Ironman. I can’t imagine a wilder or better way to close out the season. It didn’t take … Continued

Polarman 2013

Why spend the first day of the year nursing a hangover, when you can actually do something that will help cure it? Following in the theme of other bar-inspired triathlon events such as Stupidman and Unsupportoman: Introducing Polarman 2013! The Swim The swim takes place at 12:00 noon at the base of Sunnyside Pavilion, as … Continued

Ironman St. George race report – part 3

This has been split into three parts. This is part 3, which covers everything after the race. Part 1 is everything leading up to the race, and part 2 the race its self. Hope you enjoy it! Immediately after the race I was guided by my “catcher,” who is a volunteer who… well… catches a … Continued

Ironman St. George race report – part 2

This has been split into three parts. This is part 2, which covers the race its self. Part 1 is everything leading up to the race, and part 3 is everything that happened after the race. Hope you enjoy it! I had an unusually unsettled sleep before the race. I dreamt about our swim group … Continued

Ironman St. George race report – part 1

This has been split into three parts. This is part 1, which covers everything leading up to the race. Part 2 is of the race its self, and part 3 is everything that happened after the race. Hope you enjoy it! I couldn’t see anyone, nor could I see any buoys. I went from being … Continued

Another brick in the (Veyo) wall

Yesterday my race partner in crime and I were trying to get an idea of the size of the biggest climb during our race: the Veyo wall. It’s pretty big. We had a look at some elevation maps, and it didn’t seem too bad to me, relatively speaking. 1.6% grade with a couple steep climbs. … Continued