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Estimating power output

There are a lot of neat things you can do when you’ve got data from a proper time trial. One of the things I’ve been doing is estimating what my power output is, and what it should be during my race. Here’s an outline of my last time trial as shown in TrainingPeaks. For comparison … Continued

Time trials and errors

There are no shortages of warnings coming from experienced triathletes warning against making last-minute changes to your training or race plan. Way to state the obvious, I thought. Granted, I used my biggest race of the year last year to break in my new bike, but I knew what I was getting into (somewhat). I … Continued

Peak planning using training stress scores

This is more interesting than it sounds. At least to me. This week TrainingPeaks has added a feature where you can add in your planned TSS scores to estimate when you will be on form for your race. It works pretty simply. You just enter your estimated training stress score into your planned workouts, and … Continued

The 20-hour training week—last build before Ironman St. George

I’ve completely diluted the word “epic” this week. It’s not to say that my training this week hasn’t been epic, it’s just you can only say it so many times before it loses all its meaning. I mean Ironman training by definition is almost required to be epic. So I’ll just say that this has … Continued

On the fly hydration mods

Thanks to an improper rear bottle mount installation, my bike ended up throwing up a bolt and nearly dropping my entire water bottle mount with it. I tried looking for a replacement part, but the actual pin that was missing wasn’t available separately. I would have to spend $50 on an entire new assembly. I … Continued

When do you know you’ve reached your racing weight?

“The trick is to keep losing weight until your friends and family ask you if you’ve been sick. then you know you’re within 10 pounds. If they start whispering to each other, wondering if you’ve got cancer or aids, you’re within 5. When they actually do an intervention, you’re at race weight.” – Slowman Recently … Continued

Project Winter Survival 2012

It was a cold but sunny day for this year’s Project Winter Survival. Last weekend 3000 backpacks were filled with supplies for homeless people, like sleeping bags, hats, gloves, socks, toiletries and other useful things. This weekend the kits were distributed to some of the agencies and shelters who asked for them. After all the … Continued

2011 training review

This was a little bit of a frustrating year with training. Because of my injury, I still haven’t been able to run (even though I may have done some anyway), and at times I’m starting to think that even cycling is aggravating it. I had an MRI on it, and nobody so far has been able … Continued

It’s so cold that

I don’t need to stinkin’ bike trainer. It might have been -15º with a windchill of -20º, but that’s no excuse. It’s not like I don’t have warm enough clothing, and there’s no snow on the ground. I wasn’t the only person who had this idea either.

Monday’s brick workout – how kick ass on your own terms

It feels a bit cliché to take out your day’s frustrations in a workout. There have been many days where I wouldn’t feel like going to the pool, but a couple hundred metres into a workout the background noise would just fade and my workout would become my only focus. Let’s just say today I … Continued

Ironman Syracuse 70.3 race report: Swan Lake – The Triathlon

Syracuse wasn’t exactly my first choice for my A race this year. Just before I realized that my injury was going to put a damper on this season I had already registered for Muskoka 70.3, which was one week before the race in Syracuse. After I knew I wouldn’t be able to run, I figured … Continued