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Project Winter Survival 2012

It was a cold but sunny day for this year’s Project Winter Survival. Last weekend 3000 backpacks were filled with supplies for homeless people, like sleeping bags, hats, gloves, socks, toiletries and other useful things. This weekend the kits were distributed to some of the agencies and shelters who asked for them. After all the … Continued

A compromise for bikes and cars for Jarvis #savejarvis

Now that I’ve calmed down a little about today’s decision on removing the bike lanes on Jarvis, maybe there is a bit of room to make everyone traveling along Jarvis happier. I regularly ride and drive along Jarvis, so while my perspective is still biased (I much prefer to be safer on the bike than … Continued

This is how the eff you do Ikea!

Step one: Pack the effing car. Step three: Adjust the effing radio. Watch for the effing box. Step five: Stop outside your apartment and open your effing doors. Step seven: Push the effing box up the effing stairs. Step nine: Pour an effing glass of effing wine from a bottle that effing leaks through the … Continued

Time lapse – Project Winter Survival distribution day

Time lapse done at Project Winter Survival’s second weekend, distributing backpacks of supplies to churches, agencies and shelters for homeless people in Toronto. Shot with a Canon 1000SD using an intervalometer script with CHDK set to 3 seconds, and thrown together with Quicktime 7.

HD time lapse – ben’s cottage

My first attempt at a time lapse using a Canon 40D tethered to a laptop. The laptop lost the connection a couple times, and it was accidentally repositioned once. For some reason a few frames seemed to be shifted upward and were underexposed. I corrected the exposure of a few of the originals, but they … Continued

How to write your own bio without sounding like a jerk

It’s not as easy as you’d think. Out of the whole three-page article it was the most difficult thing I had to write. There isn’t really a set format in Graphic Arts Magazine, which would have made it much easier. Article bios range from the full-featured and descriptive: Barry Siskind is North America’s foremost trade … Continued

Photographing your food without looking like a jerk

It’s good to know I’m not the only person who’s guilty of this. First, don’t take multiple shots from multiple angles, kneel on the banquette, or rearrange the table. Jeffrey Porter, cowriter of the blog Drink Eat Love, says he limits himself to “four or five shots.” Besides creating an unnecessary disturbance, your dinner might … Continued