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Ironman Cozumel 2012 Race Report

Sea ouchies, jellyfish, crazy currents, language barriers, drafting penalties, melting tires, sodium lessons, heatstroke, fights with moustache, bags of ice, and deals made with moustache. All this to finish an hour and a half faster than my last Ironman. I can’t imagine a wilder or better way to close out the season. It didn’t take … Continued

Polarman 2013

Why spend the first day of the year nursing a hangover, when you can actually do something that will help cure it? Following in the theme of other bar-inspired triathlon events such as Stupidman and Unsupportoman: Introducing Polarman 2013! The Swim The swim takes place at 12:00 noon at the base of Sunnyside Pavilion, as … Continued

Ironman St. George race report – part 3

This has been split into three parts. This is part 3, which covers everything after the race. Part 1 is everything leading up to the race, and part 2 the race its self. Hope you enjoy it! Immediately after the race I was guided by my “catcher,” who is a volunteer who… well… catches a … Continued

Ironman St. George race report – part 2

This has been split into three parts. This is part 2, which covers the race its self. Part 1 is everything leading up to the race, and part 3 is everything that happened after the race. Hope you enjoy it! I had an unusually unsettled sleep before the race. I dreamt about our swim group … Continued

Estimating power output

There are a lot of neat things you can do when you’ve got data from a proper time trial. One of the things I’ve been doing is estimating what my power output is, and what it should be during my race. Here’s an outline of my last time trial as shown in TrainingPeaks. For comparison … Continued

2011 training review

This was a little bit of a frustrating year with training. Because of my injury, I still haven’t been able to run (even though I may have done some anyway), and at times I’m starting to think that even cycling is aggravating it. I had an MRI on it, and nobody so far has been able … Continued

It’s so cold that

I don’t need to stinkin’ bike trainer. It might have been -15º with a windchill of -20º, but that’s no excuse. It’s not like I don’t have warm enough clothing, and there’s no snow on the ground. I wasn’t the only person who had this idea either.

Monday’s brick workout – how kick ass on your own terms

It feels a bit cliché to take out your day’s frustrations in a workout. There have been many days where I wouldn’t feel like going to the pool, but a couple hundred metres into a workout the background noise would just fade and my workout would become my only focus. Let’s just say today I … Continued

Ironman Syracuse 70.3 race report: Swan Lake – The Triathlon

Syracuse wasn’t exactly my first choice for my A race this year. Just before I realized that my injury was going to put a damper on this season I had already registered for Muskoka 70.3, which was one week before the race in Syracuse. After I knew I wouldn’t be able to run, I figured … Continued

Guelph Lake II race report

Because of my foot, this year I’ve only been able to do relays, swim/bikes, or just DNFing full triathlons. I’ve had some great races, but it’s been frustrating and anti-climactic to get to the end of a race and just hand in or give away my timing chip. I finish my race, then hang around … Continued

Last weekend’s training

Last week was my longest training week since July 09, when I had just completed my 322k+ Hairshirt ride. The next month I started learning how to swim, so really this was my longest triathlon training week ever. It started off with a 2.15k Wilcox swim with E man. It was his first 2k outdoor … Continued