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Month: January 2014

On Picking a Side of the Political Spectrum

What’s left, right or centre? In the last post I started using the political terms left, right, and centre to describe the mayoral candidates’ positions. It’s really hard to escape using these terms. They represent a deep core philosophical belief—not just for candidates—but as a way to describe our own beliefs too. I hate to … Continued

The Good and the Not-So-Good—the Competition

The last few days have been a bit of a crash course in politics for me. I had no idea how many interesting characters would actually be in the running for mayor. I honestly thought I would be the fringiest (is that even a word?) character running, but as it turns out I’m actually pretty … Continued

Day one of my mayoral campaign

Registering as a candidate I’m not sure what I was expecting when I walked into the elections office on the way to work yesterday morning. I half expected to find a lineup of hopeful registrants vying for one of the dozens of available positions available. Perhaps there would be a member of the media or … Continued

Geodee for Mayor of Toronto. No, seriously

This should probably be a well thought-out post about my platform and why I’m running for mayor of Toronto. Perhaps I’ll get into more detail about that later though. This is a blog, so everything will unfold as it happens. Here are just a few thoughts and a bit of an outline of why I’m … Continued