It’s so cold that

Back at the scene of the New Year’s Polar Bear Dip. Two days later it’s twenty degrees colder.

I don’t need no stinkin’ bike trainer. It might have been -15º with a windchill of -20º, but that’s no excuse. It’s not like I don’t have warm enough clothing, and there’s no snow on the ground. I wasn’t the only person who had this idea either. On my Humber River loop I usually run into dozens of riders. This time I saw two other non-commuters.

It’s so cold out that my water bottle froze shut.

The ice was about a half inch thick. Luckily I was only out for an hour and a half, and I had properly hydrated before leaving.

3 responses to “It’s so cold that

  1. Biking outside?! Now that’s brave… although, if our roads were clear I probably would have been tempted to take my new ride for a spin!

    The new site looks great! Congrats! 😉

  2. Thanks Marlene. I’m reasonably happy with it so far! There are only a few months left of this cold, but I hate how dirty the roads are in the spring.

    I don’t think I’ve seen that episode yet. Is that the one where they’re at Tom’s Diner? 🙂

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