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Month: June 2009

How to write your own bio without sounding like a jerk

It’s not as easy as you’d think. Out of the whole three-page article it was the most difficult thing I had to write. There isn’t really a set format in Graphic Arts Magazine, which would have made it much easier. Article bios range from the full-featured and descriptive: Barry Siskind is North America’s foremost trade … Continued

Photographing your food without looking like a jerk

It’s good to know I’m not the only person who’s guilty of this. First, don’t take multiple shots from multiple angles, kneel on the banquette, or rearrange the table. Jeffrey Porter, cowriter of the blog Drink Eat Love, says he limits himself to “four or five shots.” Besides creating an unnecessary disturbance, your dinner might … Continued

Lake Simcoe circle

For an unplanned training ride a lot of thought has actually been put into it. Since I started thinking about biking long distances there have been three major rides that I’ve considered. One was Toronto to Montreal. Another was riding 250k to my grandmother’s. The latest has been to ride around Lake Simcoe. Technically I … Continued