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My Giant is looking for a new home

Here are the pics of my OCR2. I’m going to make an actual post about this shortly—this bike has a great history with me. For now this is just to share the condition of it for sale.

The Good

I’ve cleaned up the bike and made sure everything is mechanically working well. I had to replace a few parts, and it’s actually working better now then when I had replaced the groupset a few years ago.

The bike has a fairly new rear tire, a new front tire, a new chain, new white bar tape, and a new rear shifter cable.

The Bad

Most of the parts are the ones that originally came with the bike. I had replaced the entire groupset a few years ago, after which I put most of the mileage on the bike. They’re not bad, but they’re not brand new.

The Ugly

It’s got quite some miles on it, and the condition of the frame reflects that. I tried to get the majority of the scratches, but there are a few more. It’s just representative of how the worst ones look.

The worst ones are inside the fork and a the top of the frame where the rear wheel sits. I was using tires that were too wide for the frame, and they were rubbing and took off the paint.

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