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Time lapse – Project Winter Survival distribution day

Time lapse done at Project Winter Survival’s second weekend, distributing backpacks of supplies to churches, agencies and shelters for homeless people in Toronto.

Shot with a Canon 1000SD using an intervalometer script with CHDK set to 3 seconds, and thrown together with Quicktime 7.

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HD time lapse – ben’s cottage

My first attempt at a time lapse using a Canon 40D tethered to a laptop. The laptop lost the connection a couple times, and it was accidentally repositioned once. For some reason a few frames seemed to be shifted upward and were underexposed. I corrected the exposure of a few of the originals, but they ended up showing lighter than the adjacent frames in the final render. Next time I'll use full manual and hopefully they'll be enough headroom to adjust the exposure after. Or perhaps I can find software that can bracket exposures so I can use the best of all worlds. 

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How to write your own bio without sounding like a jerk

It’s not as easy as you’d think. Out of the whole three-page article it was the most difficult thing I had to write. There isn’t really a set format in Graphic Arts Magazine, which would have made it much easier. Article bios range from the full-featured and descriptive:

Barry Siskind is North America’s foremost trade and consumer show expert. He is author of Powerful Exhibit Marketing. Visit and learn how you can dramatically improve the bottom line at your next show.

To my favourite, the minimalist:

Tony Curcio, editor

This is in no way criticizing Barry Siskind’s bio—his is probably one of the most restrained and best written. But it’s not me. If I wrote that people would think I’m being a jerk. Also I’d be lying. I don’t think I could write more than 140 characters on trade shows, let alone a whole book. So how do you find the balance between promoting yourself  and not sounding like a jerk? I tried a few variations to help exorcise my frustrations. I think it helped. My first attempt was a semi-serious placeholder. I used a friendly and adorable pic, and the text was a nod to a buddy who called me a “jack of all trades, master of none.” It seemed appropriate since I contributed more to this issue in different ways than I have before.


Then I figured I might as well take that and run with it. I didn’t think anyone would understand what I meant by it. It sounded more like if someone had asked me what I do, and I replied, [sigh]  “what do I not do.” What a jerk.


That didn’t work too well, so I flipped through a facebook album and came up with a few fantastic photos for ideas.


I finally settled on this, which hopefully doesn’t sound too jerky.


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Photographing your food without looking like a jerk


It’s good to know I’m not the only person who’s guilty of this.

First, don’t take multiple shots from multiple angles, kneel on the banquette, or rearrange the table. Jeffrey Porter, cowriter of the blog Drink Eat Love, says he limits himself to “four or five shots.” Besides creating an unnecessary disturbance, your dinner might get cold. At Alinea, one dish, called Hot Potato Cold Potato, has contrasting temperatures. By the time a diner has snapped the dish from every angle, it might as well be called “lukewarm potato.”

How to politely photograph restaurant food [via Lifehacker]

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